Biotechnology is a rapidly growing, interdisciplinary field that seeks to solve today's most challenging problems in such areas as human and animal health, agriculture, and the environment. The Biotechnology program enables students to take courses in areas that are critical in addressing biotechnological issues, including courses in biology, environmental sciences, chemistry, engineering, management, public policy, and law.  The program, which includes a senior-year capstone seminar and industry internship, prepares students for careers in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and agricultural industries as well as the health professions and graduate school. 

Major Requirements(+)

The program requires courses in Biology, Engineering, Management and Public Policy. A senior year capstone class (Biotechnology Seminar) and research experience and/or industry internship are also part of this major.

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Offerings: BS

Program Directors:

Ramesh Raina
464 Life Sciences Complex

Surabhi Raina
462 Life Sciences Complex

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