Energy and its Impacts (ILM)

Many of the issues facing humanity today center on energy: its supply, use, and impact on our environment. Energy and its Impacts is a 25-credit Integrated Learning Major that provides students with the background required to understand the origin of today’s energy problems and the ability to seek 21st-century solutions to the problems.

Program Director
Peter R. Saulson
Martin A. Pomerantz '37 Professor of Physics
263-4 Physics Building
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Mark BraimanProfessor,
315.443.4691mbraiman@syr.eduCST 3-006 Center for Science and Technology
Douglas A. FrankProfessor,
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Jane M. ReadAssosciate Professor315-443-4279jaread@maxwell.syr.edu437 Crouse-Hinds
Christopher A. ScholzProfessor,
Earth Sciences
315.443.4673cascholz@syr.edu333B Heroy Geology Laboratory
Peter J WilcoxenAssociate 434 Eggers

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Energy and its Impacts

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Peter Saulson
Professor of Physics
201-C Physics Building

Energy and its Impacts
441 Hall of Languages
Phone: 315-443-1011
Fax: 315-443-8093

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