European Literature

A Major in European Literature gives students unique interdisciplinary and multi-lingual expertise.  Through the great works and new innovations of European Literature the student focuses on language usage and literary analysis.  The course of study is designed by each student and includes literature from two or three areas.  The major assures proficiency in two or three languages as well as excellent writing skills, analytical capabilities and cultural literacy.  Study Abroad is highly recommended for European Literature majors.

Key Benefits of our program:

  • Excellent training in both written and oral communication skills 
  • Gain proficiency in two foreign languages or perfect your existing foreign language skills
  • In depth study of European history, art, culture, and politics through literature with a large variety of faculty who have over seas contacts in many areas
  • Students tailor their own degree according to areas of interest and can complete a large part of the major through study abroad courses.

Career Paths:

  • Journalism as foreign correspondents
  • International business
  • Publishing
  • Creative writing
  • Secondary or higher education


Students seeking a B.A. in European Literature take 36 credits in literature courses numbered above 250, selected from two or three of the following areas: French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Courses may be distributed to include 18 credits in each of two different literatures or 12 in each of three literatures. Up to 6 credits in the literature of each area may be taken in translation, but the total of courses in literature in translation may not exceed 12 credits.

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European Literature

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European Literature
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