Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Medieval and Renaissance Studies explores the birth of our own familiar world while introducing students to an often alien and mysterious past. Students will embark an intellectual adventure through coursework that focuses on the advent of science, the voyages of discovery, the birth of democracy, the writings of the great poets from Dante to Shakespeare, the monumental achievements of artists such as Michelangelo and Rembrandt, the birth of print culture and censorship, monastic life, the Reformation, the beginnings of capitalism and consumerism, as well as the power of city states.

This minor provides an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural study of the period from Late Antiquity through the 17th century. Students not only explore how life was lived, enjoyed, and suffered, but also gain insight into how our modern civilization emerged from those times. Medieval studies includes the three great civilizations that succeeded ancient Rome (Byzantine, Western, and Islamic): while Renaissance studies considers aspects of the transition from premodern to modern society.


The minor is open to all undergraduates university-wide.
Total Credits Needed: 18 credits 

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Medieval and Renaissance Studies

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Medieval and Renaissance Studies
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